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UAW Women’s History: Olga Madar

Olga Marie Madar was the first woman to serve on the United Auto Workers (UAW) International Executive Board. Born in the coal mining town of Sykesville, Pa., on May 17, 1915, Madar moved to Detroit with her family during the Depression. After graduating from Northeastern High School in 1933, she began to spend her summers

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UAW Women Should Run!

Welcome to UAW Women Should Run! We need to empower more women to run for office. This digital program is designed to help UAW women expand their awareness of possible paths to union or public leadership, get focused on where they want to go, and take real steps to move down the path they choose.

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United Automobile Workers Endorse Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

  Michigan’s Largest Union Unites Labor Movement behind Whitmer DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Today, the 400,000-member strong United Automobile Workers, the union that built the middle class in Michigan and our proud tradition of good jobs and economic opportunity, announced their support for Gretchen Whitmer for Governor. The endorsement from Michigan’s largest union brings together fifteen statewide labor

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